Committee Members Needed – Newington Community Fund

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I’m helping to recruit the first Advisory Committee for the Newington Community Fund. This is a great opportunity for our town and we’re trying to get the word out to a broad range of residents. Newington residents have an opportunity to be on an advisory committee to support and allocate up to $100,000 dollars on projects in Newington.    Please review and apply to be on this community advisory board.

– Pete Forcellina, Newington Chamber of Commerce


The Newington Greater Together Community Fund was recently established by the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving to encourage broad and inclusive civic engagement. Newington residents age 14 and older are invited to apply to serve on the Fund’s first Advisory Committee. Previous experience in community organizations or grant-making is not needed—you just have to live in and love Newington! Apply online by May 1st. If you have questions, please email newingtoncommunityfund@gmail.com.

Newington Chamber of Commerce
Social Media Executive
Phone:  860-666-2089


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