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What We Do

Support Local Businesses

The Chamber helps businesses thrive by hosting ribbon cuttings and increasing social media exposure.

Provide Scholarships

Deserving Newington H.S. students are awarded scholarships to be used toward their college costs.

Community Events

The Newington Waterfall Festival, Comedy Night and Golf Tournament help connect our town residents.

State of the Town

This community event opens dialogue with our citizens and local government leadership.

Networking Opportunities

Newington Chamber hosts monthly morning networking and Business After Hours.

Tremendous Value!

There is a tremendous value they have given both through social media and other marketing fronts as well as educational business seminars, and a variety of networking opportunities.
The Flash Lady Photography

Essential Networking!

They provide connections to other businesses, introductions for essential networking, social media support & exposure, and education both professionally & personally. I would highly recommend becoming an active member!
Balance Massage & Wellness Center

Business Growth!

Not only have they been incredibly welcoming and fun to be involved with, but they have helped our business grow so quickly in our community that we were able to expand our business in that 4 years. Thank you NCC, you’re the best!
Del Soul Spa